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Despite not playing particularly well, I was struck by the ultra-strategic nature of the bunkering at KH. The golf course afforded me a truly spiritual experience which was dished out to me in spades. Delight and terror, in equal measure, made for often uneasy bedfellows from the first drive until last putt. To expand, I could see exactly what I had to do, however, I could also see the peril that would be visited upon me if I engaged in either a decision or execution error . Throughout the round you consistently feel like you are being mugged by a super model when you either select the wrong club or fail to execute your planned shot.

While all of the holes are truly exceptional, the par 3’s take centre stage at KH with special mention going to both the 6th and 15th holes. Superlatives do not do these beauties justice!

Recently viewing some pictures of KH from the 1970’s, it is remarkable to contrast how the course looks now compared to how over grown and confined it was prior a program of tree and t-tree removal. In an often told story some original MacKenzie/Morcom bunkers were found underneath a wild expanse of dense undergrowth to the side of one of the fairways on the back nine, not to mention some original bunkering that had been filled and replaced by trees!

The best advice I could offer visitors to this golfing mecca is to try to play the course a few times to truly get comfortable with playing lines, strategic misses and turf conditions (which I can confirm, differ significantly, with the links conditions we generally find in Ireland and the UK).

Upon reflection, I now believe that KH’s compact and perfectly formed surroundings feed masterfully into its ‘sense of place’ using the exceptional reinstated bunkering, seamless routing and unsurpassed elegance to lure the golfer into what surely must be paradise.

I look forward to a return visit some day, once international travel restrictions are lifted. KH remains firmly at or near the top of my continuing worldwide bucket list.

For more information on my Australian golfing adventure, please click the following link: The Long Road to Van Diemen's Land

Date: September 22, 2020

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