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The nearest Kiva is at least 2000 miles away (in New Mexico) and there’s not much in the way of dunes here either. What is here is a lovely golf course. Though water comes into play on 7 holes, only two require a forced carry. And half the holes require some strategic thought off the tee, deciding how much risk to take to get the most advantageous next shot. Strategy comes into play on approach shots as well—only five rove the option to play a running shot. And there is plenty of challenge once the green is reached. Every green has contours—none crazy, but each challenging.

Golfers with an interest in art will be particularly appreciative of the beautifully sculpted bunkers. They are somewhat reminiscent of those on a Seth Raynor course, but not as angular and thus more natural looking. I was in a few of them and found the sand to be quite consistent.

Kiva Dunes is a bit of a drive from Mobile (though the trip includes a boat ride) or out the Mobile Point peninsula from Gulf Shores. No matter which route one takes, it’s well worth the trip.

Date: April 11, 2019

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