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Kooyonga is not quite the course it once was and although this is a UK website I’m surprised nobody has yet posted a review for this once stellar Aussie course. Kooyonga was once a championship venue and Peter Thomson won the Australian Open here in the 1970s now it’s caught between the two stools of classic and modern. The bunkers are neither fish nor fowl and require a more coherent look and feel and the club need to decide whether they want a 21st century championship course or a historical classic. The work that Hawtree performed in 2008 has not improved matters but simply drawn attention to Kooyonga’s inconsistencies. Kooyonga could have been a showcase for Cargie, who did more for golf in Adelaide than just about any other person, but the club has dithered around too much and are now in danger of destroying a national treasure in favour of succumbing to modernity. I love this piece of history and it deserves so much more TLC. Niall.

Date: November 11, 2011

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