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Maria my wife was appalled and stunned, "you're playing at 8am! are you mad"! At the time even I was wondering at my decision to book a slot in the first tee-time of the day on the America course during our recent stay at the (alleged!) 5-star hotel on the La Cala Resort. Having struggled out of bed at 7am and made it the 1st tee at the allotted un-godly hour ALL of those reservations were forgotten in an instant. The sun was still rising and casting long-shadows as it beamed down from a cloudless and beautiful blue sky, and the amazing scenery and views just have to be seen to be truly appreciated. As my Driver from the first tee sailed out and dropped into the middle of the fairway I only had two thoughts - to enjoy every shot AND to relish the fact that for the first time ever my round won't be delayed by the ubiqutous hacking 6-hour 4-ball in front!! The first 3 holes hide the challenge to come as they play next to each other thru the 'flat' part of a valley and do at least allow you to warm up and (hopefully) groove your straight shot, wayward on this course is NOT a good idea. The rest of the course makes it's way up, down and across slopes, separated by areas of scrub and rocky ares with well positioned bunkers and greens designed to reward good approaches. The putting surfaces were in great condition at this time of year and were fast, true and a good test of your stroke! Water is to be found on a few holes, where gravity and the terrain allows for it, noteably on the 9th a cracking down-hill par 5 and the 16th the 'signature' par-3 that is actually more looks than difficulty, unless played from the very back-tee. Overall, this is a cracking course and will test your game without being completely unplayable. For me, the biggest draw-back is that due to the elevation changes and the ambient temperatures it's advised that buggies are used!!

Date: May 21, 2007

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