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By this I want to give a review for the whole golf complex including 3 courses - Europa, Asia and America. Also see my recent review for the Valderrama course to get better understanding of what I am speaking about. The La Cala golf courses are simply put not bad at all and get it right I am not bashing them for nothing but they are pretty much different league than Valderrama. They lack everything Valderrama posess and that makes the latter such an outstanding track. So, here is a bried step by step analysis. Terrain. Very mountainous. The elevation differences are huge and the vistas are beautiful, but is it good for a game called golf? I don't think so. Due to the rugged charachter of the terrain you get a) blind shots, b)unfair bounces. You may hit a straight shot and end up in a ravine which you could not have seen. You may hit a prefect drive almost to the center of the fairway and as award get a bounce towards the nearest scrub plantation, which are plenty. Design. I do not think it is really possible to make anything good from this piece of land but the layout is extremely complicated and confusing. After all the course is not fair. Conditioning. Better then you might expect from a desert mountain course but far from perfect. Greens are very good and true anyway. Overall the courses get a 4-ball mark (mainly for the greens) whith the Europa course really deserving a 2-ball being the unfairest course I have ever played (may be only rivaled by the Old Course at Gloria).

Date: October 30, 2009

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