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Wide and long fairways, and ultra fast greens. Manicured course, but overall a bit baked by sun, despite lot of watering (played in late October). Fairly long transitions between most of the holes, so buggy is good choice here. 10. hole is a tough start, but I liked the back nine much more than the front. Good practice facilities, just next to 1. and 10. tees. Otherwise typical C.B.Robinson course design - very professional and routine, but missing a real spike. As the course design left me cold, the clubhouse and its ambiance was a different story. I really liked the relaxed and almost lazy atmosphere, nice architecture and very friendly and helpful staff. At the and of our round, we enjoyed a good dinner in the clubhouse restaurant. It was a great day and say, reasonable value for money (despite the visitors fee is not cheap at all).

Date: October 18, 2019

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