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Læsø is an interesting course with quite a few good holes, but, you need to be able to pull off a long fade off tee to gain reward. Laeso Seaside Golf Course - Photo by reviewerThere are 10 doglegged holes on the course, and 8 of them favour a fade. Off tee one need to consider club selection quite carefully as there are water in play on 11 of the holes, and one need to consider the roll quite carefully to avoid a runout into trees or getting stymied on the wrong side of the fairways for your approach shot. Læsø is located on the seaside on lovely sandy soil, and the few, but well placed potbunkers adds to the linksy feel of the course. Walking the course is a pleasure for the eye as it is laid out in a tranquil seaside forest, sadly the sea is only part of the views on three of the holes, but, then again, maybe that's actually a benefit as the seaside forest offer some protection from the ever present wind.

Date: July 24, 2015

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