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Having had my first encounter with this venue a couple of years ago, I was lucky to be invited back to 'de Lage Vuursche' to play a round of golf & lunch this Sunday.

Although de Lage Vuursche is a total makeover from flat farmland to a undulated parkland course (only performed in 2000), the course feels well matured and blends in perfectly due to the trees surrounding the terrain. Kyle Phillips did a wonderful job creating 18 unique holes, and because of the excellent routing, one settles in the round easily. Although relatively long and well protected by an abundance of different hazards, the course offers plenty of birdie opportunities.

In 2000, de Lage Vuursche must have been 'the new kind on the block' being so close to 'de Pan' and 'de Hilversumsche', offering a more modern, corporate golf experience. These two tracks truly belong to the top tier of golf tracks in the Netherlands, and in my opinion are still a class better that the track at de Lage Vuursche. But since these two clubs are difficult to join, de Lage Vuursche must be a welcome alternative for new golfers in the area.

The maintenance levels throughout the course and the service level at the reception & the restaurant are of the highest standards. That's why I was a bit surprised that a number of greens had patches of damage or diseases. On the unaffected (parts of the) greens, the roll was good. My personal favourite is hole 9: I like the challenge from the tee and the approach to the green complex that is tucked away between trees and bunkers.

De Lage Vuursche is open to visitors, but given the green fee charged (EUR 137,50), I have a sneaky suspicion the business model is more focused on catering for the needs of the members & their guests. Since de Pan & de Hilversumsche both offer a better track and friendlier tariffs for visitors, I know where I would spend my day.

Still I hope that many invitations, to play at de Lage Vuursche, will follow!


Date: October 09, 2017

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