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The Laguna Lang Co. is located in a setting sandwiched between the ocean and mountains. The golf course weaves nicely though wildernesses such as trees, natural streams and rice paddies and mountains. The land is relatively flat but the fairways are undulating and players will hit shots from various stances. A few of the holes are flanked by rice paddy fields that were brought back into existence during the construction. This feature not only influences the play from a visual and strategic perspective but tremendous amounts of rice are produced two harvests a year.

The course offers a number of unique and interesting challenges that include holes that pass through natural rice fields, hit into edges of mountains, have bushes & trees nearby, and are surrounded by sandy wastelands. There are many strategically placed fairway ans greenside bunkers as well as huge sandy waste areas throughout the course. The greens are contoured quite a lot never feeling flat due to mounds, ridges and swales, making the putts difficult unless putting from the same level. The par 3s are excellent due to a variety of distances to test all aspects of a player’s game. This course is designed to put a premium on shot-making and course management rather than power golfing.

The par 4 471-yard 4th is a strong dogleg to the left with the tee shot being over rice fields. It is important to cut the dogleg to shorten the approach on this long par 4. The green is elevated and shallow with its front side guarded by a long and wide bunker. The green’s left side is also surrounded by a rice paddy and its back protected by undergrowth. This is a hole that requires both distance and a high ball on the approach. Since the middle of the green has the swale, this will become a challenge to putt if the ball is located too far from the pin.

The 167-yard 11th is an interesting downhill par 3 with a large stone, collapsed from the left mountain, acting as a noticeable hazard to the hole. The green is guarded by another rock to the right and a bush to the left. If the pin position is in the front, players will notice that the play will become easier due to the shorter distance, but the rock bordering the green is very close to the front pin position, thus the landing area will become much narrower. A long green has a large mound in the center, making putting a challenge if the ball is far from the pin. To read more about the Laguna Lang Co, click here to visit my website.

Date: June 02, 2020

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