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Holy guacamole batman - what a course. We simply do not have courses like this in America, or if we do I am not allowed on them. Taken out by a member friend on a sunny windy day (it is always windy in Perth) and stunned to my socks. Stunning condition as you would expect from a club with this lineage, but so so much fun. Lovely generous farways rolling over hills, with huge rolling greens in the mode of Royal Melbourne - hard and fast requiring a game that I simply do not have, but had fun trying. The bounce of the ball is everything here - to get to the pin you need to drive to the correct part of the fairway and then play some really imaginative shots to get over and around bunkers and undulations. Australian sandbelt golf at its best - playing surfaces sublime, the rest is rough and scraggy with snakes., kangaroos and god knows what else creeping about in the bush; put this in america and they would be playing US opens on it and the peasants would not be let within 100 miles of the place. And the wind!!!! And to cap it off, a old old private club with no idiots allowed, just nice ordinary local members who would not let me buy the drinks

Date: December 13, 2008

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