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Langley Park is my home golf club and I believe it to be a very strong parkland with many good holes. There isn't as much water here as on other parklands, but the course is still good without much.

1 - a par four of 416/397/375 with a narrow fairway and an uphill approach. This is a good hole.

2 - another par four of 364/362/356 with a large target area. Not the most impressive hole, but a good chance of a birdie.

3 - a very good par four of 440/434/405 that demands a straight drive. This is the first long par four on the course. One of my favourite holes on the course.

4 - a long par four of 448/445/447 with lots of bunkers to speak of. I prefer the 3rd, but the 4th is a good hole.

5 - one of the toughest par 3s I have played, 196/192/160 uphill to a large two tier green. My least favourite of the par 3s, but still a good hole.

6 - a good par four of 376/374/311 with a downhill drive. Good players should cut the corner with the drive. I like the hole.

7 - my favourite par four, 446/444/405 uphill with a right to left dogleg. This is essentially a par 5 for most, but a good hole nonetheless.

8 - a good par four of 411/411/401 that has a similar look to the fourth. The bunkers make this a good hole.

9 - a tranquil par four of 367/358/319 with a mound short of the green. The peaceful feel on this hole makes it better.

10 - a very special par 3 of 158/146/134 to a tabletop green with cavernous bunkers near it. A great hole.

11 - a short par four of 341/329/301 with a fairway pinched by a conifer on the right. A good hole, but it was better with both conifers.

12 - a par four of 459/448/427 that lacks many features to make it better. Seems to just have length.

13 - a par 3 of 163/161/160 with a long narrow green pinched by bunkers. Doesn't get much attention as a golf hole, but a very good par 3 indeed.

14 - the only par five on the course, 472/470/412 uphill with a relatively wide fairway. Better than 12, but not anything impressive.

15 - a tough par four of 446/442/423 with a well-sited green tucked in between trees. There is a hollow about 100 yards from the green. A good hole.

16 - a sharp dogleg par four of 367/365/324 where long hitters can cut the corner. The hole feels different to the 6th though, and is a good hole.

17 - a par four of 435/371/372 with a very wide fairway. It isn't too tough from the yellow tee, but has a well positioned green guarded by deep bunkers.

18 - a lovely par 3 of 162/148/146 with a large lake short and right of the green. A good finish, but it would be better if the green was closer to the lake.

Overall, Langley Park is a strong parkland that is a great track in the summer. The club is fixing drainage, so it will become better in winter in future.

Date: June 12, 2020

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