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One of the most impressive golf round in my life was played at early December of 2019 in very interesting golf course – Las Ramblas! This golf course reminded me a lot of similar holes in Thracian Cliffs golf courses: the same narrow fairways with crazy ravines and other dangerous areas for bad shots. The same cliffs also was ball eating as in Thracians Cliffs.

My opinion it is one of most challenging Las Ramblas Golf Course - Photo by reviewer golf course in Spain. Actually lot of holes pressure you to evaluate the game's strategy and various options to reach the green. I don‘t know after several rounds my opinion may be change...but for first time the game concerning big slopes, hilly fairways with sharp doglegs and unpredictable wind was absolutely blind and based on success.

Accuracy and smart game are keys as you navigate the fairways. At the first look is not big deal to reach all par 5 greens with second shot, but be not so easy. First of all here always windy and calculate distance include slope is not easy. First lesson I had on 4th par5 hole. After good drive from tee was only 175 meters to pin (was played from white tee) and looking for opurtunity to make an eagle or the worsest a birdie as minimum. Underestimating the headwind and the slope difference in height, the ball hit the green edge and remained in the deep gorge. So an eagle and a birdie fly away and I stay with bogey only. Very interesting next par 4 hole. Green reachable from tee but absolutely blind shot to the pin must be very accurate and high trough top of trees. You must to decided get award or lost the ball. Pretty nice. Next one easy par 3 and you with good mood on tee off of 7th hole par 4 with very Las Ramblas Golf Course - Photo by reviewer unpredictable distance according wind and slope. Dog leg to right and in additional out of bounce zone is awaiting on both sides require very straight line. So in each hole you must think twice...or more. The second nine are also really not boring. Definitelly very interesting to play. Also my big recomendation take a buggie. They are equiped with new GPS at additional. Maintance and quality of the fairways and greens maybe avarage, but playable. Acceptable prices and good value at all.

As every golf course rating is always a subject with a lot of subjectivity, depending on various criteria and personal point of view to importance things, my personal opinion depends on following criteria: course complexity or challenging, fields condition (especially greens & fairways), service (only what you can get: buggie, club rent, condition of clubs, the amount of choice and etc. except staff and other subjective things that depends on your or staff mood), surrounding views or pleasure to the eyes and definitely value for the price. All criteries will be rating from 1 to 5 stars. My priority is challenging and value for price criterias. Las Ramblas gets:

1. Challenging - 5*+

2. Condition - 3*+

3. Service - 4*

4. Surroundings - 4*+

5. Value for the price - 5*

Definitelly looking for back next year.

Date: March 18, 2020

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