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It’s conceivable that the best public route in Kentucky is nominally attached to Cincinnati. And, likewise, that the best municipal course available to Cincinnatians is actually in Kentucky. The strength of these arguments are largely measured in how well the player enjoys perhaps the most novel hole in Michael Hurdzan’s repertoire.

Carrying the previous paragraph’s irony over, we’ll examine Lassing Pointe’s last hole first, as it’s the one that will instantly ingratiate / infuriate readers. The last green stretches nearly 120 yards in length, while perhaps allowing 20 yards at its widest point. To the right is a slope that occasionally offers generous rebounds; on the left is a lake. Imagine any one of Bay Hill’s cape holes and then turn it into a green, and you have No. 18 at Lassing Pointe. The drive is easy, and the approach is insanity. Invective is inevitable when playing within a foursome. Many rounds will be soured by the demand of one hole, which makes this hole an awful punctuation mark on an otherwise pleasant layout.

It’s essential, then, to appreciate the designer’s more balanced approach. As you might expect from the antithetical theme pursued so far, the best trio of hole’s at Lassing Pointe is its first. The opener is a mid-length Par 5, offering eagle opportunities early—depending on how one approaches the split fairway with their second shot. The second, a Par 3, is an interpretation of the reverse redan, wedged into a hill with a large, deep bunker out front, and smaller pots guarding the back. The third is the first Par 4, snaking downhill from an upper fairway to a lower one and a green as thin as the notorious eighteenth’s...although it plays a more reasonable length for its shape.

Although No. 18 will be the stick that breaks most camels’ backs, if you’re in debate over whether to trudge out to Lassing Pointe, consider No. 8. A short Par 5 that plays downhill, featuring a forced carry over a small pond to consider eagle. Look at the bunker that wraps around the inlet. If your design sensibilities are offended by its heavy-handedness, avoid this course. Otherwise, jump in If you’re in the area and looking for a reasonable rate on a good route. Play 17, and then ask if your mood is prepared for the 18th.

Date: June 10, 2019

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