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We played Golf Le Diable mid-May and found that despite the late winter weather setbacks that had been plaguing the region, the condition of the course was already quite good, and the greens especially had been very well protected during the winter. The first impression from the small clubhouse was most pleasant: the terrace in the back has a direct view on the green and most of the length of the 18th hole, and affords a glimpse of the major hazard and defense of the course: waste areas running along the fairways on one side, and the pine forest on the other side. Beautiful sights of the pines and mountains make this course very scenic, but first time visitors may well feel the pressure created by the waste areas, which occupy a large part of the field of vision from the tee on many holes!

Le Diable Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

Obviously, this course was designed for buggy riders. While this may not be obvious on the first few holes, the par three 6th proves the point. It seems to be located in a world different from the rest of the loop, in a narrow and steep valley. The hole itself is pretty, and good to play with tees at least 50 feet above the green, a small lake to capture short shots and a couple of large bunkers left and behind the green. This hole is in the middle of what struck me as the more interesting part of the first nine holes, including the par five 5th, which slowly rises between a dropping left rough and a woody right side to an elevated green. The par four 8th is rated the hardest hole on the course and runs up and around a sharp hill to the left before dropping a little toward the green.

Le Diable Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

The second loop seems to be more of the same, flattish holes with enormous waste areas. However, things change sharply after the uphill 11th and the roller coaster begins: down to the par three 12th, where the green is almost hidden by the towering hill on the right. Back uphill all the way with the 13th, and across a ravine then downhill with the 14th, dropping at least 60 feet from the tee to the green of the 15th but climbing all the way back to reach the 16th. The only level hole is the ending 18th, a fine par five with a well-protected, elevated green, with a waste area on the left, a bunker all around the back, two more on the right and even a grass bunker in between!

This is a course where first time visitors must swallow their pride for sure as the optical illusions created by the waste areas may well derail some swings for a while, but it is probably quite a lot of fun to play again and again. We thought that the name (Le Diable, “The Devil”) was befitting, but later found out that the property is named after the river “Rivière du Diable” which surrounds the course on three sides.

Date: June 03, 2016

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