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Charles Blair Macdonald, the father of golf course architecture, had a couple pithy thoughts that I would apply to Leatherstocking:

“Golf greens are to golf courses as faces are to portraits.” and…..

“Don’t confuse the painting with the canvas.”

The course’s canvas is quite spectacular, with dramatic views of the lake and bordering hillside from many points, the finest being the finishing hole, whose beauty is enhanced by the sweet Otesaga hotel sitting behind the green. Though there are some interesting holes, particularly the four on the hillside across Lake Street, I was less impressed with the rest of the golf course. Half the greens were dull and flat, bringing MacDonald’s first quote into play. Every hole runs either north or south, giving a repetitive feel and there were few strategic challenges—an OK painting on a very lovely canvas.

Date: June 07, 2021

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