Links at Crowbush Cove - Prince Edward Island - Canada

Links at Crowbush Cove,
Lakeside Route 350,
Prince Edward Island,
C0A 1S0,

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  • 50kms NE of Charlottetown - near Morell

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The Links at Crowbush Cove is an 18-hole public course situated on what was formerly “swampy campground” on the north coast of Prince Edward Island. Designed by the acclaimed Canadian golf course architect Thomas McBroom, the course was opened in 1993.

It is said that the true test of a new course is that it should look like it has always been there and the Links at Crowbush certainly blends in with its natural surroundings – so much so that it was awarded the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association award of Environmental Achievement in 2004 for its commitment to living with nature in an ecologically sensitive area.

The Links at Crowbush Cove was constructed on the unique red clay earth of Prince Edward Island and is routed through three distinct landforms; spruce woodlands, wetlands (which lend themselves to nine water holes on the course) and sand dunes which offer true links golfing opportunities, especially when the wind is up, which it usually is on the island.

The 565-yard, par five 11th, called "Sully's Run", is the favourite hole of many golfers who play here. From the elevated tee perched over 50 feet up in the dunes, the sandy coast is visible for miles to the east and the west at one of the prettiest places in the Maritimes. Once the drive is played, an area of marshland around 350 yards from the tee must then be carried en route to the slightly raised green.

There are four sets of tees on each hole to cater for all abilities, bent grass fairways are generally wide and rolling, greens are built to USGA standard and bunkers – some of them deep pot bunkers - contain high contrast, white sand.

Panoramic views come free when the green fee is paid so don’t forget to bring a camera!

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Description: The Links at Crowbush Cove is an 18-hole public course situated on what was formerly “swampy campground” on the north coast of Prince Edward Island. Rating: 7.3 out of 10 Reviews: 3
Drew Loring

Crowbush is far and above the best course on PEI. It is a true challenge, with fabulous undulating fairways, fair & true greens, amazing ocean views, and a mix of holes that makes for a really enjoyable day.

A course like this in the States would have greens fees of $250-350 US, but you can play this at peak time for about $125 CAD. It should be the centerpiece of your PEI Golf Trip, and I would recommend playing it twice while you're there, because it only gets better each time you play it.

October 28, 2018
10 / 10
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Crowbush Cove is in a truly beautiful location. The conditioning of the course is very good. And the staff is very pleasant. But, that is where the accolades stop. From a design aspect, this course is almost a total fail. It is located on the ocean, and being a relatively windy location, the design takes none of this into account. Off the tee it is very target-orientated, to very small landing locations, heavily confined by excessive fairway bunkering and abrupt sensitive habitat areas. The approaches are to very small, very undulating, very protected greens. There are no options but hit a very small target area on each green. And, again, excessive bunkering surrounds most greens. And 17 of the 18 pins were tucked, something I noticed before the round looking at the tee sheet that was handed to me. You are going in with mid irons, often into the wind, trying to hit postage stamps all day long. And that is assuming you slotted your tee shot into a fairly. I played with two high teen handicappers. The first par between the two of them was on the 15th hole after one of them had chipped in. And, then finally on the 17th they both parred it by hitting greens in regulations. And, I only counted three double bogeys between them. The rest of the round was triples, quads, and “others.” Both, if they were counting strokes, would have shot well north of 150. There were no run-up options, no bailout options, no way to play the ball along the ground. Even in calm conditions, the round would be an extremely tough examination from beginning to end. With even a less than moderate breeze, the only options is deciding whether to play, or not. I would have to assume that for most visitors (these appears to be a big part of their business) would be one-and-done. Too bad, because the play is gorgeous.
August 28, 2015
4 / 10
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Calvin Bain
September 09, 2021

I would have to wholeheartedly agree with you. I am a resident of PEI, and have only picked up the sport seriously over the last 2 seasons. However, I have worked on my game on a daily basis, all year round (using simulators, putting, and studying the game during the winter) and have taken my game from not even having a HDCP, shooting over 100 on some of the easiest courses to be found, to having a 10.3 at the moment, with a low index of 6.1, and at the age of 32, being such an older newcomer to the game,

I still feel my game is only going to continue to improve over the next 20-25 years. I have actually just been offered my first job in the industry, which so happens to be at Crowbush. Being a future employee, and a huge fan of how the Island Government has created “PEI’s Finest Golf, which combines Crowbush, Dundarave, and Brudenell River Golf Course (3 of the finest, if not definitely the top 3 courses on the Island from characteristics such as quality of the course itself, entire facility amenities, beautification, customer service, as well as many other factors). However, out of the 3, Brudenell would be my hands down favourite. Not only does it have the qualities of the other courses, but the average golfer can play the course without wanting to walk off after 9 feeling so discouraged with a score at least above 50. As I stated above, I would not speak negatively towards Crowbush, or Dundarave for that matter, but the above comment holds a lot of truths about “The Links at Crowbush Cove. Starting out the first 4-5 holes, you are surrounded by trees, making for very tight, zig-zag fairways, where anything but a straight and well struck ball, hitting your desired distance, there is no room for error. You will be in the long grass without a doubt (and it is LONG) and with any slice or hook to your tee shot, you may as well pack for 2 balls per hole. The approach shots on these holes lead into an apron that narrows even further to the point where it is no more than a maximum of ten yards wide, 95% uphill, onto a green that is guaranteed to be multi-shelved and leave you with a pin placement that is going to have significant contours on top of the elevation differences. I played most of this season as a single HDCP, but only played Crowbush twice, as I am not a long ball player, so needing to use a driver off most tees left me with no room for error at all (playing with people I just met, I am guaranteed to take 5-6 holes to get comfortable), leaving me completely frustrated playing dbl bogey golf the only time this season. We all know what frustration on the first few holes leads to for the rest of your round. The natural surroundings of the course from the way it is designed leaves you feeling like you are playing at least 2, if not 3 different style/terrain type courses. So for the few holes with more open fairways finishing the front, you are adapting your game to a different style of play all of a sudden, and the next thing you know, you are playing a back nine with holes directly parallel to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the high winds and whipping sand it brings with it. Do not misunderstand my opinions. Crowbush is a beautiful course, with some of the most scenic holes in all of golf and is beyond beautifully maintained with a staff that make you feel like a professional from the moment you pull into the course. That being said, I would advise that this course be left off your PEI’s Finest Golf list, unless you are a low HDCP, looking for a beautiful, challenging course. For those of you looking for the same experience and beauty, but don’t have that high of skill level, I would recommend Brudenell, with 6 of each of the Par holes 3/4/5, it is well balanced, and much more forgiving. Long ball hitters may also be well suited for Dundarave. However, there is no wrong choice when choosing to come play PEI’s Finest Golf, as not only will you enjoy some of the most beautiful courses in all of Canada, you will be treated like royalty, with the option to stay at either locations luxurious resort setting, with other recreation offerings, and a full scale offering that you would find at any other high star resort. If you are looking for a golf vacation, and don’t want to break the bank. You cannot go wrong with choosing one of the multiple different options that PEIs finest Golf offers.

With a blank canvas and the first opportunity to say something about Crowbush, what can I say without sounding gushing? In truth, probably not very much... Crowbush is a spectacular course with many truly great holes but perhaps a weaker close than most which keeps the course a little lower in the rankings than it could be. With panoramic views from every corner of the course, Crowbush is set in some seriously pretty location but it’s supremely challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. I‘ve played Crowbush each year since it opened about 10 years ago and although the green fee is higher the course has gone on from strength to strength. Be prepared for the mosquitoes which do have a nasty bite at certain times and settle for a long 5 hour round in high season… there are too many ooh ahh opportunities here to distract golfers and slow up play.
August 14, 2006
8 / 10
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