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Played Liphook recently for the first time and was pleasantly impressed with the course but not my playing ability which was sadly out of tune. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my round immensely and would play here again in an instant. The members are incredibly friendly, if a little too posh for my general karma, with the club atmosphere as a whole feeling pleasant and relaxed. Now, off to the course. Firstly, the greens were in exceptional condition and very tough to read. I found myself looking at the line, hitting the putt and then scratching my head on numerous occasions. Secondly, the par threes are quite exquisite, may are set proudly with deep shaggy bunkers cut into their faces with fierce run offs all around… I can’t think of a better and more aesthetically pleasing collection of par threes on any of the many courses I’ve played on this illustrious southwest London sandbelt. Thirdly, as others have mentioned, the par fives are too short for their relative stroke indexes… by all means leave them as short par fives, but don’t give the low handicapper the gift of an easy win, especially on the closing hole which is a 462-yard par five (from the tips) with a SI of 6. Moving on, the routing is very clever considering you skirt the railway and crisscross roads here and there to separate parcels of land. I think the designer should take a posthumous bow, not only for the routing, but also for the strategy, for which I was ill prepared on the day. I must concur with an earlier reviewer regarding the 9th hole but not so much for the blindness of the approach shot but for my desire to erase the carbuncle of an electricity pylon, which is an unfortunate blemish on the nose of an otherwise beautiful golf course.

Date: June 07, 2010

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