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Little Aston is well hidden down a road you feel like you shouldn't be driving down. Surrounded by amazing mega houses, through the gates of Little Aston Golf Club gives you the impression you are at a top class course.

The car park, surprisingly small, left me to ponder about the size of the membership, and what kind of visitor traffic it attracted. I suppose with the likes of the Belfry, a 20 minute drive away, most golfers will flock there and leave this charming little place only to those who know it's quality.

The free bag tag and course guide was a lovely touch, the service from the professional was top class, you could tell he was passionate about his club with the detail he went into describing it which is always lovely to see.

Be careful not to lose a ball even before you start on the putting green! Easily the most beautiful putting green I have seen, flowers intertwined between thin strips of green made for some interesting long putts! It's a great novelty to boast, I'm not sure how members would try to practice putting however!

We managed to get off a little early. The [mega] house behind was holding what seemed like a kids birthday party quite loudly, giving a Ryder Cup feel start, if it wasn't baby shark playing!

The course itself is absolutely littered with bunkers. I wouldn't say it's one of the most picturesque golf courses but for a few holes it's very easy to think you're in surrey which is a great compliment. The only real difference is the parkland turf you hit off which is a pleasure to play from.

A course that measures so short needs some form of challenge, Little Aston brings that in bucket loads with it's mighty 96 bunkers. Little Aston was the 88th golf course I have played and excluding Woodhall Spa, I can't think of another with such imposing and intimidating bunkers. The Brabazon you could argue look very intimidating also but I would say that is a much more manicured course and is very easy to the eye where as Little Aston is much tighter and have many more bunkers over the 18 holes.

I think most peoples criticism of Little Aston is that it doesn't have any pretty holes. And whilst I can agree to an extent, my bias for tight inland courses outweighs it for me. One of the things I really like with this place is it's ability to have wild grass which looks intimidating and adds another layer of depth to the course but at the same time you will very likely find your ball in it if you end up there. It provides a challenge to get out of but I'm a big fan of always being able to find your ball if you stray wide.

My only real criticism of Little Aston is drainage, the course had a downpour at midday, and whilst teeing off at 3 was soggy, the greens were great. It wasn't until the 3rd hole where the rain started hammering down for 30 minutes. Big puddles started forming and the greens became almost unplayable very quickly. Luckily the rain stopped and the greens were just a little slower for the back 9. Comparing this to my old home course King's Lynn which is even tighter than Little Aston, the course does a very good job of drainage. I just wonder how easily the course would be closed in the winter or with harsh rain.

To sum up, Little Aston does fit in the top 100 for me, you have to take into account it's in a bit of a weird location. It could fit into Surrey quite well but not as a high ranking course, it is overshadowed by the Belfry a little but I don't think they mind that. It's obviously small membership are happy with quick rounds and during our time there I think we only saw 2 or 3 other groups on the course.

Date: July 06, 2021

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