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First let me say, I have a bias when it comes to Lochinvar GC. I spent a lot of my teenage years here and kicked and screamed when my I turned 25 yrs of age and came off my dad's (Club President from '84-'88) membership. This is one of my lifelong favorite courses. As it has been listed in many golf publications and if you want an money game look no further than Lochinvar (ie $100 one downs).

Note this is one of the few 'male only' golf clubs left in the state of Texas let alone the United States. With a membership of less than 200; this is a true golf club. Over the years, I have seen handfuls of PGA players (Couples, Elkington, Fowler oh and Tiger) as well as former President George Bush Sr (41) and Michael Jordan play here.

The Harmon family spent a number of years teaching here from Claude Harmon Sr (1948 Master Champion), Butch Harmon (Top Teaching pro) and Claude Harmon III.

You wouldn't know the club was there driving down Farrell Road. Once inside the gates, you can feel the stress fall drop off you.

Under the direction of the designer Jack Nicklaus, he flipped 9's over the years. #3 (old #12) is a challenging par 4 and has the typical features that a well designed Nicklaus hole has; water running along the left side of fairway and then crosses in front of a slightly elevated green. #7 (old #16) and #8 (old #17) look innocent from the tee box but can come up and bite you. #9 (old #18) is a strong front side finishing hole where keeping your tee ball in the fairway is just a start. From the tips this is a 3-shot hole. #12 (old #3) is another signature designed hole. A well played tee ball give you a shorter iron into the green but you can't help but notice the water lurking to your left. #16 (old #7) is a nice lengthy par 3. #18 (old #9) is a great finishing hole. Going for the green, isn't for the faint of heart. Not to mention you finish in front of the spacious clubhouse making it a much better spector hole than the old #9.

Lochinvar GC ranks easily inside my top 10 courses played.

Date: August 11, 2020

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