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One plays Luffness New for the fun of the game as well as a relatively quick round of golf. It is not a golf course that provides a real challenge unless the wind is really high. The holes on the same side of the clubhouse (1-5) are very easy and it is only when you cross the A198 that you start to face some challenges.

The course is short and the fairways are reasonably wide. On nearly every hole if you don't hit the fairway the "rough" is not so penal as to where you cannot advance the ball considerably towards the green.

For years, I had always heard that Luffness New had the best greens in East Lothian. That is no longer true. That is not to say that the greens are bad, they aren't, but Gullane, Muirfield, North Berwick, Dunbar all have equally good if not better greens.

This is a golf course to play that offers very good views of Gullane, Kilspindie and the forth.

For me the best holes were 9-11 and 17.

The course does not have a large numbers of bunkers and most greens are not well defended. The fairways do have some humps and bumps but not to the same degree as other nearby courses.

If you are considering a golf trip, this is a nice course for your warm-up or even as an end to your trip. But I would argue that Gullane 1 or 2, or Dunbar would serve a similar purpose and the golf is more challenging.

Date: October 01, 2019

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