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This is really one for the purist. And I am pure at heart. I love The Machrie. Whatever I feel for Machrihanish (which is equally remote, geographically not far from here and sounds a bit the same so therefore I can go around making these comparisons) is probably instinctive (the pounding sea and the crazy fairways) whereas what I feel for The Machrie is more intellectual (the many blind shots don’t appeal to my nature but when I think of the way golf was once played around these dunes I appreciate what happens here). Basically, in the days before zip grooves the toughest shots were ones over obstacles to hidden greens. The Machrie is so far flung that nobody forced them to flatten those obstacles and move on. It’s just very very cool. The condition is excellent too. Swallow your old Scottish golf books and go play it. (I loved the second hole here. No-one ever really talks about that. I also loved the par 3 twelfth, New Mount Zion. Nobody ever talks about that either. They all talk about the seventh, Scot’s Maiden. You’ve got to love it too. The first at Macrihanish Dunes is in a small way a copy of that hole.) Get down here in the winter and the place is empty. Where is everyone you might ask? America and Canada and Australia is the answer. Actually, apparently most of the Islay islanders headed for The Carolinas when the potato famine struck. The obviously took a wee bit of the gowf with them because they were probably playing a bit of it round about here back then. Hey, there are some amazing sites on Islay which could be turned into the greatest golf course the world would ever know… ANGLOSCOT

Date: August 19, 2009

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