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Never have I felt my on-course golf experience as tightly linked with my clubhouse experience as I did at Machrihanish Dunes. I’ve read earlier reviews posted here, so I know that Peter and Lorna have already been Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course - Photo by reviewer praised, but I strongly feel that their presence truly enhanced our day there. We were barely out of our car, putting on golf shoes, when Peter was there to greet us, offering coffee or tea. He gave us an extensive lay-of-the-land summary of the front nine while we stood on the first tee, and he encouraged us to come find him when we made the turn. Wanting to keep pace ahead of the group behind us, we opted to go straight to the 10th tee after putting out on 9; but Peter clearly was keeping an eye on us and came zooming up in a buggy to give us his back nine preview. He was so full of information, we encouraged him to write it all down to hand out to newcomers to the course.

And what a perfect day of weather we had! Sunny, warm, and calm. Like Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course - Photo by reviewer completely calm. We discussed how much more brutal the course would have been in a 3-club wind, but on that day we lucked out. I loved this course: stunning scenery; fun, undulating fairways and greens; many memorable, imaginative holes; and when played in the doldrums, not a difficult course at all. Midway through the back nine an eerie fog drifted in, making Peter’s instructions to aim at the 3rd windmill off the 16th(?) tee useless. We had hoped strongly to play it a second time, but St. Andrews was beckoning so we moved on. But this course is high on my list of courses to come back to Scotland for. And, if it’s not too heretical to say, we three unanimously preferred Machrihanish Dunes to Machrihanish.

Date: May 19, 2017

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