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The first time I visited Maioris in October 2016 the course was in such awful shape that one ball would have been too much! The manager immediately gave us vouchers to come back and play for free. Have now just been back and experienced some of the course conditions that Jim McCann describes in his review below ....I think I am in a position to deliver a balanced verdict. 1) The course is long and not very wide, so avoid playing it from far back if it is wet or if you happen to be spreading it from the tee on that particular day, 2) greens are recovering from an awful state, but seem to be dominated by poa annua, so conditioning is probably going to be better early in the morning and it remains to be seen if the course can manage through the hot Mallorcan summer and still be decent in the autumn, 3) the course is currently not very busy in the afternoons so the layout which takes you to the clubhouse after 14 and 16 lends encourages fast match-play, which is otherwise a rarity on Mallorca.

With conditioning this variable, it is hard to recommend, but perhaps worth taking a chance if you stay nearby and can go to check conditions yourself before deciding to play.

Date: April 15, 2017

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