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I returned to the Manor House last week after a six-year gap and thoroughly enjoyed the round in breezy but dry conditions. We took a buggy as my playing partner was nursing a leg injury and can confirm that the rule is still to keep buggies on the paths despite the dry weather. I’m not a lover of buggies, less so when they have to be kept on the paths, but I certainly wasn’t complaining when we were whizzing along, making short work of the very long walks between some greens and tees. For me, the routing is the biggest issue at the Manor; the course itself is varied and at times very exciting. One or two holes could at best be described as barely average but the majority are decent golf holes. It’s the routing that lets it down and will always prevent the course from being top class in my opinion. The course was in excellent shape and the greens were running at a slippery 10.5 on the stimp according the guys in the pro shop. These were some of the slipperiest greens I’ve played on this year, so well done to the green keepers. Service, as has already been mentioned in reviews below, is exceptional and this improves the overall experience. The Manor House is an above average golf course at a facility where the service is excellent and this is a great mix for a short break and one that I’ve enjoyed.

Date: June 04, 2011

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