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I played the course 20th of September. And from the moment we arrived at the venerable clubhouse we had a feeling of a fantastic day. This course which has hosted former US president Bill Clinton is of championship class. Immediately after arriving a strong feeling of exploring the course by foot overwhelmed us and we did. The temperature at this sunny sparkling day in fall was fresh and gave inspiration to really make it a physical play day.The first hole looks edible. The danger is going too far, or left, or right - against two lateral water hazard or OB against the range. My friend goes to the left and complains of his back packing, he always has a rationalization ready. The fairways are narrower against towards the green, the ball stops and pops. The hole gives a feeling shaken and stirred, noone hit the woods which is everyone fear of Meland. Hull two are also at tee widely as an airstrip, but it is further to the green than you think. As well the bunkers collect balls, no obvious scratch, this!Easy is not hole 4 a pair of three hole. 200 meters up the hill into the headwind. Whew, Meland has prevailed. We decide to enjoy the experience of nature as priority one. The blackbird sparkles, Chaffinch cheering, the bumblebee is hurtling, and we cannot really have it better! We are walking from one hole to the other hole, and suddenly we are in the middle of the forest and united with the whispering branches. Of course, we take a few chances and have to bleed, but after a while new opportunity reveals! It is the sovereign of golf, defeat turned to victory before we know it. At Meland the odds are only slightly worse, scratch is a bit further away! Hole eight is wonderful, we get a glimpse of Bergen in the distance, maybe it is the Hurtigruta tumbling forward on sparkling waters.Holes 14, 15 and 16 are called the Bermuda triangle, and that is not promissing. Boats and people disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, we are now moving from challenging to where at Meland is overcoming the unsecure player! The round has given us a beating, now the knife is to be stuck into shivering bodies, and we golfing wreck commencing teetering on the will. Justice triumphs, we run well on hole 16 and hole 17 gives us a good end of season with total of scratch to our handicap. Finally we are getting a glimpse of the civilization, the club house down there behind the green of the 18th hole. A beautiful par three hole, but there are noone sitting on the terrace and whom can give applause to what will become a soft, fine blow that lands with butterfly feet on the green. That was the theory! Three lets go and slices towards the seaside. I am topping and shooting the ball into the rear bunker. Golf can be very difficult, and this time we where beaten by Meland. We had a fantastic dinner at Bryggen restaurant that topped the day.

Date: October 23, 2012

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