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I was really looking forward to playing Mirimichi. When I lived in Memphis during the early 1980's I would often make my way out to the Old Woodstock Hills course, and I had fond memories of playing a somewhat interesting municipal course that was certainly better than the city-owned courses in town. I had followed the hoopla associated with Jason Timberlake and the renovation of the course, so I took the opportunity to play on a recent trip to Memphis. Basically, I found the course to be amazingly underwhelming and quite a disappointment.

It seems to me that the renovation consisted of moving some land and adding some artificial appearing contouring to the otherwise completely flat front nine. The greenside bunkering bordered on the bizarre, with several bunkers placed an awkward 20 to 40 yards away from the greens. The greens did have a few interesting runoffs, but the green complexes themselves were very boring with very few interesting features. From the blue tees, the front nine is basically one mundane 400 to 435-yard par-four after another, all running in the same or opposite direction. The back nine is a bit more interesting as the land is much more rolling. I think 15 and 16 are actually pretty interesting par 4's, and if the rest of the course was built to the standards of those two holes, it would possibly be worthy of the accolades. Alas, I think the high regard that the course has been held is a function of celebrity association and has little to do with the quality of the course. They basically took a nice, average muni, dressed it up around the edges, and used a brilliant marketing plan to overcome the shortfalls of the land and design.

The course looks a little worse for the wear at this time. Conditioning is average at best. While I played in a twosome with my wife, we were held up by an eightsome ( yes, that is correct. 8 players). I called the clubhouse to remark on this remarkable circumstance, but they did nothing about it. We went through while the armada of players was taking lunch at the turn, but we spotted the mighty cohort of eight weaving their way down the fairway about 4 holes behind us on the back nine. Woe to those behind them!

This course is nowhere near a top 20 course in the state.

Date: June 18, 2021

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