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Lovely golden age design. It rarely disappoints. This one seems fairly well preserved and having read about this afterwards, the newer holes (1955) fit in really well. The course is quirky, has a great variety, minimal but distinctive shaping and such a tranquil, classy vibe. The holes have a very nice flow, gently through the hills and the golfer can sometimes catch a great vista of the Rhine valley. Every holes seems to have its own charm, challenge or unique selling point.

In 2009, a number of holes has been renovated. Two artificial ponds were then created. Hole 3, which is a lovely short par 3, definitely hasn’t improved because it looks very artificial and does not blend in well with the rest. Sure it creates some intimidation interest, but this was just a mistake. I can forgive the pond on the down hill par 5 8th. Visually, it blends in nicely and it creates some interest off the tee as the fairway is very broad. It also makes the hole more stategically interesting as you must keep it short of the pond, especially in the dry summer. It protects the challenge of this mid length par 5 for the modern long hitting golfer. Lastly, I witnessed the pond to be made good use of, as the pond was used as an irrigation reservoir in the dry hot summer of 2020. Compared to the neighboring Jakobsberg, the conditions at Bad Ems were way better. Firm and fast with impeccable healthy greens. Hats off to the greenkeepers! MO

Date: November 18, 2020

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