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George Sargent, the architect of Montcalm, did a brilliant job. He did not create a brilliant golf course, but given the difficult piece of land he had to work with, Sargent did quite well just to fit in 18 holes. The highlight of his work is the greens. Nicely contoured, they provide a delightful challenge in both reading the breaks and then executing the shot. The finest sequence occurs on holes 15-17 where golfers get to enjoy Redan, thumbprint and Biarritz green complexes in succession.

As soon as one depresses the accelerator on one’s golf cart, the sound of a gasoline engine makes it quite clear that Montcalm was not built with walking in mind. Sargent takes some of the hilliness out of the design by having the uphill sections take the player from the green to the next tee so that the following hole is flat or downhill. (The tenth hole drop must be 400 feet.) Only thrice (at the 1st, 7th and 16th) is the player forced to play an uphill shot. And the reward at the first is an outstanding view of Killington Mountain in Vermont. Nontheless, only 5 holes allow the golfer the option of playing a running or aerial approach. And the long drives from green to tee may not be arduous on the body but their interruption is arduous on enjoyment.

Date: August 29, 2020

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