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Myself and my best pal played this course in may 17, absolutely unbelievable. Everyone else in the reviews seems to think the course has gone massively down hill so not sure how good the course must have been before hand because it was fantastic when we played it.

The opening hole is brilliant, a short uphill par 4, with hills/mounds to the left of the fairway and an array of bunkers to the right, you can either pull out the big dog and go aggressive over the bunkers, which will leave you 20 odd yards in or knock a 4 iron to the left of the bunker(BORING).

There are plenty of memorable other holes also including the third, looooong par 5, with water all down the right and bunkers down the left, once you get near the green theres even more bunkers and water to contend with, so a 5 or a 6 here is a decent score.

Another is the 8th, a cracking par 3, where if you don't carry the front of the green, you'll need a bucket and spade, the bunkers are hugeeeee. To finish the front 9 you have a lovely par 5 off elevated tees, with an unbelievable view.

The back 9 also had plenty of good holes with water and bunkers coming into play on most holes, 12, 13 and 14 is a cracking stretch of holes with a par 5 followed by a 4 and a 3.

The finishing hole 18, is spectacular as you'll have probably seen by all the pictures on google, the views and immense and the hole is even better, hitting the fairway is vital as there is a lot of water left of the green and also everyone on the patio can see your approach shot so you don't want to make a fool of yourself...

The greens are class the whole way round, very fast and true. The bunkers were perfect and the fairways ran a mile. Would recommend any to go play it, its a great test of all your game but also very enjoyable.

A buggy would be advised as its a long walk between tees and also very hilly.

Date: February 28, 2018

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