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I played here on a recent trip to Dubai, if you have a choice don't play as I did between 12 & 3pm in August, it was over 40 degrees, and I drank 3 litres of water in 3 hours, even riding in a buggy. Play early or late in the day, or even better play from October to May when it's far more civilised! Opened in 2002, The Montgomerie is one now of the 'elder statesmen' of the golf courses of the region and should be respected as such, especially in the UAE where years fly by like dog years, they seem to build everything many times faster than the rest of the planet, there's something to be said for stamina and maturity. I found the course very fair, and not too punishing of occasional wayward shots, but it's no pushover either. The 4th (the snake hole) is a par 5 with ridge running up the middle is one that forces you to either take the safe long way round to the right or the shorter more risky left side of the ridge and try to keep out of the bunkers. I'm sure it's been said before, but there are 2 big signature holes here - The 13th with it huge 58,000 sq.ft Dubai shaped green on an island surrounded by water, where the tee placement can be in any position within 360 degrees, and I was glad to par it. The 18th par 5 which is monster 656 yarder with water guarding both sides of the fairway for the last 300 yards, and Oh Yes there's water guarding the front of the green to! Needless to say, better golfers than I have struggled to par this and I was no exception! The Montgomerie is one of the big name courses that most people come to Dubai to play and rightly so - Troon who manage it - have high service levels and I wasn't disappointed. The eagle eyed locker room attendant replaced all my soft spikes for me as they'd seen better days and I walked away with shoes as clean and shiny as the day I bought them. A good days golf and certainly one to tick off your list when you come out here.

Date: August 15, 2009

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