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I think Moor Park is a great golf course - steeped in history and with a clubhouse beyond compare. The High course is a tough test for any golf and the slightly gentle looking 1st hole does not quite tell the full tale. The uphill second shot to a small green is tougher than it looks and then your faced with the classic and consistent feature on show at Moor Park of very true and fast greens. The second is a great hole and really again asks the player to be brave off the tee otherwise its a dauting second in to a well protected green. Likewise the 4 challenges the player to be long and shaped off the tee - and the green looks fairly easy but its a devil of put if you are the wrong side of the flag. The 8th is my standout hole with a demanding teeshot and then a long approach into the fastest green on the course. The joy though is the proximity of the halfway house for a cheeky sausage sarnie - and then starting the ascent up to the heights. The 9th is an easy hole when playing as a 5 but the stretch from 10 to 18 is very challenging. The 10th is very "Surrey" (think Sunningdale, St George's Hill etc) and then the 11th is all about club choice playing over a valley. At 230 yards to a two tier green the par 3 12 is simply super - framed with rhodies and the type of flora and forna that would have you playing the hole on repeat. The 14th then is a tough par 4 and you struggle for 2 good shots and again the drive demands that you open up the green for a second rather than being blocked out. 15, 16 and 17 all have their plus point and the 18th is a joy to finish on in a close match - especially in summer when holding the green is a challenge. No gimmes there either....the 19th is simply spectacular and its beautiful to sit out and watch the west course (which I also love) over a cold glass of something refreshing or 3.... Rating of 130 is somewhat misleading as there are mainy courses below that just do not stump up. I defy you to be disappointed....get involved.

Date: April 06, 2010

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