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Played this course last week in brilliant sunshine with a friend who's just become a member here. Must say I think my previous review was a bit harsh. Make no mistake, this is a quality golf club. Pro shop very impressive, as is a very true running and realistic practice green. Range balls are free and even lined up in small triangles for you! Clubhouse very dated in my opinion tho and old-school, stuffy attitude still present. Was told to take off my cap by the chef!! The course is a huge challenge and I think many people's reviews on here are clouded by getting beaten up by it (as was my previous review). Definately most challenging course in West Yorkshire area tha i've played. Long par 4's with penal rough. Second is a brute which needs driver 3 wood/long iron for the longer hitter in perfect conditions. Not sure how most of members play here as i'm sure they won't be able to reach alot of the par 4's. Being long is not enough tho. Penal rough and cleverly designed holes means 3 wood off the tee is often the best strategy. Greens are lightening quick, but too flat IMO. Main gripe is state of bunkers tho. Variable sand and diferent colours in places. par 3's are all delightfull, with particular praise to Gibraltar. Two courses in one to a degree as very old Englishy Parklandy for first nine, then classic Moorland for most of back. I reiterate that the fairways are as good as the greens at some clubs. I'll be coming back soon. Shab.

Date: March 07, 2010

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