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Very scenic and well designed golf course with hazards placed strategically off the tee offering plenty of decision making and strategy as well as risk/reward shots. My favourite hole was the par 5 10th- 2 routes to take for 2nd shot fairway sits way out to the left and angles back towards the green for 3rd shot, taking the 2nd shot on requires a high fade over a bunch of mature trees and a large number of pot bunkers waiting to gobble the ball up should it not quite make the carry (I'm a 5 handicap and hit two of my best shots ever drive and high 3 wood to 6 feet then knocked in the putt for eagle so I'll remember it for a while!!) My other favourite hole was the sugnature 4th, short (only a 6 iron off the tee and 9 iron to the green for me) but incredibly tight and intimidating. A thoroughly enjoyable golf course.

Date: November 18, 2011

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