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I recently spent a weekend playing the two day Mount Lawley Classic, an awesome tournament on a good golf course. Mount Lawley's layout is the real test, whether it is a well placed tree, the multitude of bunkers or the length of some holes, when you add the Perth wind into the mix you really do have course that is delight to play and a Mount Lawley Golf Course - Photo by reviewer challenge to get round.

The days I played the course was in excellent condition, the fairways were green and lush which is a real challenge in the Perth summer heat. The ball ran nicely and the slight nuances in the layout on the fairways can have two similarly hit balls ending up in very different places. With lots of bunkers on the course being able to use an iron or wedge successfully out of the sand is a bonus, from my experience it was best not to end up in one.

Then you have the greens, most were a decent size and an errant ball could leave you with a 15m plus putt, though not the fastest I have ever played on but still quick enough to pose a test to most golfers. If you can get onto Mount Lawley (it is a Private Club) then I recommend taking the time to see who would win, you or the course!

Date: March 26, 2019

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