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I wrote a previous review for Muirfield having played it in the Scottish Amateur but having recently visited it again as a full fee paying visitor I thought I would describe my very different experience!

First of all the staff were friendly. I think it’s natural to feel slightly jittery when arriving at Muirfield given its reputation but everyone we came into contact with from Claire who dealt with my emails, the starter, to the shop staff and the folk working lunch was excellent. Members tended to keep themselves to themselves but I never felt unwelcome in any way at all.

The lunch itself was exceptional and I you would be mad to miss it.

The new pro shop that has been built since my last visit was well stocked. The changing rooms historic and modern at the same time.

One slight niggle was there was no one on the first tee to see us off like you get at other courses.

I’ve seen some reviews say the course has no sea views which is one of the most perplexing things I’ve ever read. They should automatically have any ratings disqualified for clearly not being able to use their eye balls properly.

The course itself is a funny one for me. Every time I’ve played it the wind has been the opposite from the prevailing one. I don’t think I’m being harsh either when I say I don’t think there are any signature holes like a 17 at the Old Course, 14 at Cruden Bay etc. but what you do get are 18, very, very good holes.

Is it the fairest links course? I’ve seen some people say it is but for me I’ve had a few too many shots land in the middle of the fairway, only for the camber to then kick it into the rough. 14 in particular has been bad for that in the past for me. 9 as well. I would argue Carnoustie is a fairer course but then I’m basing that on playing both courses a very different amount of times.

Muirfield is just a really, really good golf course. And I would argue the best experience in Scottish golf when you include the lunch as well

Date: August 30, 2021

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