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If there’s one thing that pains me on a golf course, it’s to see a potentially great course being neglected and getting run down. Unfortunately this is the case with Muscat Hills at present.

What is a course with great potential due to an excellent layout is suffering from a serious lack of maintenance. There are some holes that are really exciting to play, such as the par 3s where you are hitting to greens over the local wadis, and par 4s you can take an aggressive line to leave a shorter approach shot in. But the condition of the course takes all the fun out of it.

From fairways that have patches of grass in them longer than the rough, to greens that are covered in cut marks and brown patches, this course needs an injection somewhere. The bunkers are uncared for. The rough cuttings are left lying there. The buggies are petrol and take a few tries to get them going after you stop. Every aspect of the love and care that should go into a course like this is lacking.

It is such a shame as Muscat Hills has great potential, but until something drastic happens, I couldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to play it.

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Date: December 22, 2019

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