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I have been playing this course annually for the last 15 years, and have seen its transformation. At the time it was ranked 30th in the US, you had trees on the course and women were not allowed. Since then, the members have decided to open up (a bit). In turn that has led the course actually being played by selected outsiders. It’s ranking is now 11th in the world. Tthe course has gone back to a true links as all trees have been removed and the wind is a constant, and the ladies are truly welcome. The course itself is just incredible – the more you play it the more you appreciate it. If you do get to play it just once, take a caddy and ask Billy to get you a real good one, that will ensure you truly appreciate your round. As you play the course, you will be reminded that each hole is a ‘copy’ of an existing hole…don’t bother comparing. Enjoy the holes for what they are, incredible golf holes. A little advice: aiming at the pin is rarely the way to go and ask the caddy for the grain before hitting into greens. If the greens are fast, as they often are, you'll hit shots into the greens which you are unlikely to ever hit again (how often do you not try to land the ball on a green on a par 3...that will be the way to play the 4th hole)

Date: April 27, 2016

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