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Ok, I am going to sound a bit of a nitpick, but I have knocked this down to an eagle simply because it is a it too tough for the average golfer. Many of the fairways can't be reached into the wind, even from forward tees, by mid to high handicap players. Too many fours and three are also not reachable in 2 or 1 by the same group. And a calm day here would be a gale anywhere else. So it can be a slog.Having said that, once you get near the greens - in however many shots it takes - this course comes alive. You need your A game and plenty imagination to make up and downs, and many a golfer has quality three putts due to the speed and slopes on the greens. As for the bunkers, getting out is the trick, getting close is a fluke.This is a true championship course and if it was in the US would host an US Open or PGA. Sadly, its too far from anything to even host a decent tournament in Australia, but it would be great to watch the best on it.

Date: September 30, 2015

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