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Nefyn was our northern most excursion on our Wales trip. You will be drawn by playing the Old back nine. But much of the front nine is better than the Old back. If you go to experience this wonderful course do so mid week. Playing the Old on a weekend whilst alarmingly ignorant tourists rummage about the limited land is disconcerting. Finally at the 18th while a family group of 10 came sauntering down the road adjacent to the short par 4 fairway…I fired one right at them. It missed by all of 10 feet and they reacted like “where did that come from” It’s a golf course. The Old 9 is a bit tacky…But it is worthy of a trip. Take precise measurement of your 2nd shot on 10…As the course markers are totally messed up. Glad I played here. Probably won’t again.

Date: October 09, 2015

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