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I took a party of 24 golfers (of all abilities from 5 hcap -21hcap) to play The Wilby Cup Invitational) over the w/e of 18th/19th August. Saturday was the pratice round and Sunday The Wilby Cup. The weather was akin to Hurricane Katrina but we are very keen and capable and decided to make the best of the elements, over the 2 days. We had travelled from York in the main -although one intrepid invitee had come over from Spain!.We had decided to play the old course over the w/e -hence the "practice"!.The setting is spectacular, majestic in places I would say and the "elements" over the w/e added to its ferocity, beauty and intrigue.However, we are all agreed that the old course is unfair,dangerous and questionable in so far as safety and fairness. Unlike the first 10 holes, there are no markers for directions and yardage on the back 8, and as for "safety", I doubt if a risk assesment has been carried out given the line of the roadway/pathway that disects the 11th and 18th fairways and which continues along the 12th (to the car park and beyond as a walkway (designated NO CARS) which is ignored!!. With holiday makers and children in abundance on the road and pathway, going out and coming back - even on a bad weather day.! The golfers nightmare awaits every shot in this part of the course. Holidaymakers are not golfers!, they (and their children )are oblivious to the needs of the golfers waiting for a clearance in the stream of "potential hazards" - even by running on and off the course at times. It is for this reason that our group rate the course as "poor". The greens were also not as expected for a top 100 course, having been hollow tined and "grassy" - polite speak for wooly and slow! in August!!. Oh, and far too many blind shots!!.The staff were courteous and attentive, the pro and his staff helpful (on Sunday John said take 30pts and stay in the bar!!) - 30 won it off full hcap.The Sunday carvery was excellent and good value.I am saddened to write this because overall we had a great w/e, but we were all very disturbed at the dangerous nature of the back 8 in several places where the public seemed to have priority over the golfer and the danger they were in (potentially) from wayward shots and in gale force conditions, there were a few.As someone in the "events" arena, I would ask if a risk assesment (cleared by HSE) has been carried out?, HAS IT?.Please dont get me wrong, it is a beautiful and spectacular setting - a course to die for, with some spectacular holes to play (and view) - IF ONLY IT WAS SAFE!.Sorry,Mike WilbyThe Wilby Cup

Date: August 25, 2007

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