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Well its easy to get carried away I think with nefyn and therefore not objectively rating this course. To my mind having done a long weekend tour - nefyn was the most over hyped course. There is no doubt that the scenary is spectacular - but if you want nice countryside then you can always leave your golf bag at home and go for a walk. The golf course was a massive let down - beyond that to me. That said the 13 would be in my all time top 18 holes. In reality the greens were absolutely awful - in fact the fairways were better (they were good) and the course was pretty average at times. I would defo play the old course if you plan on taking the trip as without the penisula strip there is very limited offering. The new course did look very average. I must mention the club pro though who was very nice indeed and gave us a full view of the surrounding golf courses and also recommendations for the evening entertainments. In summary, the green fee is cheap and the scenary spectacular - its just a shame the course does not live up to the billing beyond the odd hole or two so for that alone I rate this as an average course - which is good fun (when is golf not good fun though?). In the summer I can imagine the walkers get pretty annoying as well...

Date: March 15, 2010

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