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New South Wales is undeniably a beautiful course with sweeping views across little bay and the ocean it is a perfect picture of golf. That being said almost everytime I have played there has been very little wind to make the course exciting beyond the views. I completely understand why the course is set up as it is as into a gail force wind the course completely changes and becomes a totally different beast. But without the wind it is really not a difficult golf course, thats coming from a 10 handicapper. I'd love to know what lower handicappers think?Bare in mind that I am talking from a low wind perspective the majority of the holes can play very short, example being 5 with a par 5 playing as a driver 8 iron hole. A number of other holes play fairly straightforward if you know the lines you need to take. There are not a lot of elements of risk/reward golf.It sounds like I'm being overly critical of the course and thats probably not fair as I do really enjoy this course, although the walk is the most tiring of any golf course. But I just don't see the golf course as 6 balls when compared to other more interesting layouts.

Date: February 02, 2016

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