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This course and experience will remain one of my favourite golfing moments of all time. When I played there in 2012 I had only been playing golf for over a year and the sight of teeing off over a rice paddy field is one that will never leave me, nor will the sight of my two Korean playing partners, Mr Kim and Mr Kim. We didn’t share much common language but ‘hot shot’ was the most popular phrase used.

I had a caddy for the 1st time and this young lady was amazing in very quickly working how far I could hit a ball and therefore what club to use and her reading of the greens was immense.

The holes next to the sea are the most visually stunning and the par 3 7th with the view of the Indian temple as you tee off across a beach, never to be forgotten.

When you roll this all together with the experience of Bali this was a never to forget place and I truly hope they manage to reopen it.

Date: July 08, 2019

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