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Whatever you do, take lots of balls if you are in anyway a slightly inaccurate hitter, especially off the tees. The fairways are narrow, and the rough deep. When I played here in an interclub tournament, I won the first hole with hacked out sideways from the rough bogey. Thus, the trend of the round commenced. On mostly flat land, the architect asks you to drive straight, but little else. This, sadly, left me feeling a bit hollow after playing the course. It had been set up for the Zambian Open on the Sunshine Tour, and one can't help but feel the constant need to have deep rough for the pros ruins so many fine golf courses, and Nkana could be that with better use of the angles the doglegs should provide. Great golf course ask questions, Nkana simply gives you a map to follow. Even the 18th, with its water carry to the green, whilst pretty to look at, is two dimension golf; lay up or go for it. We see too much of this on the pro tour; great for TV, no fun for the average golfer.

Having said that, this is a good place to play, as the members are friendly, the amenities as good as it gets in Zambia, and the location definitely gives you a sense of being isolated in the world, as good golf courses always do. There are some very pretty holes, especially 10 and 18, and the green complexes are of a modern standard; in short, Nkana will challenge you to match your handicap. Just bring a few balls.

Date: October 26, 2016

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