Nordvestjysk - Denmark

Nordvestjysk Golfklub,
Nystrupvej 19,
7700 Thisted,

  • +45 9797 4141

  • Birgitte Jensen

  • Erik Schnack

  • Kristian Jensen

Nordvestjysk Golf Club started modestly in 1971 as a par three course which was developed by a local farmer. The golf club slowly progressed and by 1990 a new 18-hole course was ready, designed by Erik Schnack. Nordvestjysk subsequently found it difficult to attract enough members and the club faced bankruptcy several times. Members coped with modest facilities and their first clubhouse was an ice-cream kiosk!

Nordvestjysk Golfklub is set some four kilometres from the sea and the course is routed across a layer of sand that over time has blown in from the coast. The turf is good and links-like and the course cuts its way through the forest that mostly consists of low pines, hence “the rough is 8 metres tall”.

For Denmark, which is relatively flat, Nordvestjysk undulates significantly and golfers are rewarded with good views from the higher ground.

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Description: Nordvestjysk Golfklub is set some four kilometres from the sea and the course is routed across a layer of sand that over time has blown in from the coast. Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Reviews: 2
Frederik Nørgaard

I played this HIDDEN GEM and was blown away. A true test in a unique setting, and if you come play late june, the sun never seem to set. From leaving the highway and driving the small road through the amazing national park, arriving at the quirky, but super authentic temporary clubhouse - temporary because building in the Thy Nationalpark is hard to do - the only entrance I've ever made to a golf course where you're unable to see anything of the course - Not even the driving range, TO arriving at the first hole and embark on a quest through 18 amazing holes carved through the dunes, heath and natural forrest. I've played many amazing courses both in Denmark and abroad, but this course truly blew me and my playing partner away. Many of the holes have recently been redesigned, and more will be in the near future. This is in my mind the best golf course in Denmark. I've played Holstebro, which was fine, but nothing more. Nordvestjysk is unbelievable. Flat out. Not for the fainthearted, you've got to hit it straight. Especially on the south 9. So give yourself the opportunity to play it more than once while you're there. Local knowledge will do wonders. I was there to shoot a film on the beautiful par 3 hole 6 as part of a series for Danish Golf Association, will be coming out later this year, so we saw many amazing golf courses in a very short time. But none of them matched Nordvestjysk. So go there. It's worth the journey, as is the golf course itself.

June 23, 2022
9 / 10
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Jan Nordstrom
Nordvestjysk is an unusual golf course, firstly it's situated in a nature reserve and dune plantation area, secondly it is quite hilly, which most would consider a bit unusual for Denmark. Both added to the enjoyment of my round at Nordvestjysk. Got my course guide and perusing the overview told me that this would be a round on some interesting terrain, the front nine is more or less a fairly common out-in routing, and the back nine a huge circle! On the front nine, the 3rd offer a splendidNordvestjyst Golf Course - Photo by reviewer exercise in elevation change, a short par five, but it plays uphill all the way, it looked like an easy par on the card, but it wasn't, but the nice view from the green offered some consolation. The 5th, a long par four with the tee elevated about 15 meters above the narrow fairway, quite tense, but somehow I got some friendly bounces and ended up with a regulation par. The highlight of the round was undoubtedly the 8th, a short par three, just 134 meters, but, it plays uphill over a gully to a quite lumpy green which is located at one of the highest points of the course, so most likely some influence of the wind needs to be included in the considerations, left of the green is a steep hill, and right some of the 8 meter tall rough, simply a cracking par three. On the back nine, the 10th and 12th offer variations of the same theme, well positioned specimen trees offering interesting lines of play for the timid. The 15th must be the tightest tee shot on the course, but at 220 meters the fairway falls away and offer tempting roll to a wedge-flick into the green. The course closes with a beautifully framed short downhill par three. Walking of the green I had to admit that it had been sheer fun and an interesting challenge.
August 13, 2014
6 / 10
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