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Played it for my first time in what is apparently not the prevailing wind. Today it was a howling easterly that really shortened up the outward 9. The first hole is a sign of things to come…6 iron, blind wedge up the hill, doing well to keep it on the green. The 2nd was straight down breeze and I was 20 yards short of driving it. Before you accuse me of pumping my own tires up, just for comparison the 11th back into it went drive, 3 wood, 4 iron just to get pin high. The turf was hard and fast running and the greens in pretty good knick, although not the best I have seen in my week of East Lothian golf.

The outward nine is probably the more interesting although I don’t want to sell holes like 13/14/15 short as they were crackers as well. I particularly liked the 9th – maybe one of the more typical golf holes on this atypical course.

It falls short of 6 balls as it is just a bit too quirky. If this course was down on the Northumberland coast with no other course within 30 miles I reckon it wouldn’t have the following it has. I like it a lot but something a bit too smug about it. Warren from Aust

Date: May 01, 2017

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