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I was lucky enough to play here with a member on a very warm Friday afternoon in June and took the option to play of the whites. At just shy of 6600 yards on a par 70 this makes for a good challenge.

First off I would say the course is in fantastic condition, the member I played with told me the greens were running regularly at 10 on the stimp and they do run out just that little bit further than you want, a 2 to 3 footer tap in becomes a 4 to 5 footer nervy one. In the main long par 4s are the name of the game here so don’t expect too many driver pitching wedge flicks.

The course demands accuracy this is neither a faders course or a drawers course, to really shoot well you need to shape the ball off the tee. Holes to look out for here are 3(risk reward), 5(hit long), 12(long off the tee) and 16 (over 400 yards, up hill and into the wind when I played).

North Hants is located in a region where there are many good heathland courses and while not quite as good as the 3 Ws, Hankley, Hindhead etc. It is still a very good, well maintained, fair course that has a lovely flow to it. Definitely go and play and make sure you bring your game or you will end up just taking one or two shots more than you wanted and wonder why.

Date: June 29, 2019

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