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Wow! I didn't really know what to expect after hearing the Northland is "extreme" but wow did I enjoy the course. The course is on a hill that leads all the way down to Lake Superior. This causes some 200+ feet of elevation change across the course but at no point does this feel forced and Ross actually uses it to his advantage.

Two and three are the first two standouts as they traverse as steep climb but keep the golfer engaged and challenged. Five is a short little par 3 that plays across the wind from Lake Superior. The green is surrounded by bunkers and offers countless challenging pin position. 10 is an extremely challenging up hill par 4 with a large incline on the second shot and a tough green. 12 is a fun little par 3 with a tilted green and 13 has an amazing skyline green with a green that works slightly away from the approaching golfer. The whole closing stretch from there is full of great holes including a great challenging closer over a ravine.

Northland is one of my favorite courses. From the extreme terrain to the optical illusion greens (always know which direction the clock (low point) is) the course is fun while maintaining a challenge. I wish I could play a course like Northland on the regular!

Date: September 18, 2019

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