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The first Arnold Palmer Course I had the pleasure to play, that is obviously a major draw to the course. It has an overall great layout, and its got some holes that are among the absolute best in Mesquite. The price

The front 9 starts out with some of the most tightly crowded with housing holes in the region, though the houses are fortunately very well protected from errant shots. But the latter half are the main highlights of the course, with two downhill par 5s and some excellent usage of the landscape.

The back 9 is unfortunately not nearly as exciting, but it should still be a fun time in its own right. Water is a bit more common, and fortunately not nearly as claustrophobic as the worst of the front 9. Though, its only one of each par 3 and par 5 might lead to boredom for those who get bored with par 4s.

Notable holes:

5: A great downhill drive par 5, offers a great eagle opportunity to the good drive.

6: A great par 4, the green has a great natural amphitheater feel as it is reached. There's a reason Palmer is proud of this one.

7: A par 3 requiring a shot across the canyon, provides a tense challenge to get on.

8: Another downhill drive par 5, but far more dangerous to approach due to the right water hazard. Approach in two at own risk, and getting a good score is worth being proud of.

16: A downhill par 3 that offers some good views of the surrounding area.

If you don't mind the heat, there are definitely many other, better courses in Mesquite, St. George, or Las Vegas that can be played for similar prices or less. Nonetheless, it is understandable that Arnold Palmer is fond of this design, as it is one of the stronger courses of Mesquite. If you are visiting Mesquite and need an Arnold Palmer course to play, it's a worthwhile round.

Date: June 23, 2021

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