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So this course is one of the hardest in the world to review. The place is virtually unrivalled in terms of location, the views are amazing, the wind always blows, its virtually without peer. (I would guess Kidnappers in NZ is similar, but I bet not as stunning). Staying there is a lovely experience and the restaurant serves wonderful food. (Its not up in the Loch Lomond category, but lovely)

Which leads to the golf course. There are some truely amazing holes, honestly better than on nearly any course I've played(certainly more and better than Pebble beach for example). Some of the tees are amazing, the spots of certain greens on the cliffs are unlike anywhere else. In the US you would never be allowed to stand 2 ft from a cliff, putting...its an experience like no other..the par 3s are all great!

But, there are some really weak holes......the comparison with Peeble is not specious, GREAT holes combined with very weak ones.....

Does this make a great course? I don't know, but its a wonderful experience..if you get the chance to go, grab it with both hands, you will leave having had a great time, played some world class holes, but sadly not a great course

Date: June 29, 2017

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